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Frequently Asked Questions


Question - Will your chicken ties burn in my oven?

Answer - Our Elastic Ties are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 500 degree F. They are perfectly safe within your oven, grill or even deep fryer. 

Question - If I use the Leg Fasteners, do I need to use a chicken tie for the wings?

Answer - Although it's easiest to just snap an elastic tie around the wings, another method can be performed to hold the wings in place during the cooking process (provided your oven has the clearance).  It will takes a bit of practice and involves some minor chicken origami. Start with  the chicken breast-side-up. Tuck the outer joint of the wings under the flap of skin  between the first two joints so they stay close to the body. Because this method  does not tuck the wings closest to the body, this method may not work in your rotisserie  oven due to clearance. You will still need either a Chicken Tie or a Leg Fastener to secure the legs together.

Question - How much can I stretch the ties?

Answer - Our ties are 7 inches in diameter and are stretchable tight up to 360% (25 Inch diameter). They are capable of fitting around all chickens and even a large turkey.

Question - How will my order be shipped to me?

Answer - Our policy is to ship the items soon after payment is received. We prefer to ship via 2 - 4 US Post Office Mail. However, special arrangements for faster delivery can be made. 

Question - Can I use your products on my Ronco or George Foreman Rotisserie?

Answer - Absolutely, our products can be used in any brand oven or grill. Our products are commonly used within all types household ovens or grills up to commercial grade equipment.

Question - How do I tie up my chicken?

Answer - There are several techniques for trussing a chicken, below are just two examples.